Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!
First of all, I'm Becky, and I love to create beautiful and useful things with needles and thread. I have chosen to split my time between motherhood, creating things that I love, and teaching others to create things that they love. I teach sewing, quilting, and garment sewing classes in Guelph at make 1 and Triangle Sewing Centre, as well as offer private classes from time to time.

I've been called a pioneer girl born in the wrong century - I love to sew, knit, grow food and flowers, preserve fruit and veggies, build things with wood, and cook good food from scratch. I'm most inspired by people who follow their passions and live the life they choose, even if it's unconventional. I live and sew in a little brick house in Guelph, Ontario, which, luckily, is a place that happens to be full of cool people doing just that.

Have a look around, follow me on Instagram if that's your thing (@twelvebees), and please feel free to get in touch.
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