Surgical Cap and Fabric Mask Sewing Patterns

After posting on Instagram about my foray into sewing DIY scrub or surgical caps and masks for donation, I got a lot of requests to share the patterns. Rather than sending a million emails, I figured it would be easier to link to the files/tutorials I used here:

Surgical Cap Pattern

Many front line medical professionals are asking for OR or scrub caps to wear to keep their hair out of their faces during long shifts, to provide further personal protection and cleanliness while at work. Our local hospital has asked for donations of these homemade caps for use in the ER as well as other departments. Here's the pattern I've used. This surgical cap pattern was provided to me by someone locally who is coordinating the donations for our hospital: OR CAP PATTERN.

The pattern instructions as written out aren't super clear, so I used this YouTube tutorial to help visualize the steps involved (DIY Scrub Cap Instructions YouTube video). I used my serger and actually serged the top to the sides prior to folding and sewing the bottom band and ties to finish the edges a bit more cleanly - but you definitely don't need a serger and could just zig zag or use an overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine (which she doesn't do in this tutorial). I've been thinking about posting my own video showing my technique (but that would require showering and changing out of my sweats which I've been wearing for about a week straight, so probably not going to happen...).

I've seen some caps with buttons sewn onto the sides to hook mask elastics around (to save tender ears), which would be a great idea. I plan on adding some buttons before I donate mine!

DIY Fabric Face Mask

I know there is a lot of debate about whether or not fabric masks are helpful (and many places will not accept or use them), but I was asked by a local labour and delivery nurse if I could make a few for her to have for community use - for her to wear around her family and when out in the community to provide some protection (which she feels like is better than none). So I used the excellent tutorial from Dana at Made Everyday here: Fabric Face Mask with Ties or Elastic. I've been told that ties are preferred over elastics, because elastics don't hold up as well to repeated washing in hot water.

I hope this is helpful! Stay home (if you're able) and stay safe!

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