DIY Camera Strap and Cover

A couple of quick finishes this week: a camera strap (including my first foray into sewing leather) and a camera strap cover.

DIY Camera Strap Cover Cotton and Steel Arrows

For the new strap, I used the camera strap tutorial at Ikat Bag. I used my favourite Cotton + Steel arrows print, which is perfect for something long and thin like a camera strap, and I thought was also just asking for some genuine leather end pieces (is there a real term for those?). So, commence my first time sewing with leather. I bought leather needles and heavyweight denim thread, armed myself with some tutorials, and dove in.

Right off the bat I had some major tension issues. The top looked great, but the bottom was loose and loopy. After lots of unpicking, I played with my top/needle tension (I don't remember which way) and finally got it worked out. Not perfectly, but passable. It was still hard enough that I don't think I'll be sewing with leather again any time soon, unless I get a more badass sewing machine. Despite the issues with the leather, though, I am really happy with how the final strap turned out. This one was made for a friend, and the more I look at it, the more I kind of want one for myself. So, I might be sewing with leather again sooner than I planned...

DIY Camera Strap Leather Cotton and Steel
My first time sewing leather!

DIY Camera Strap Cover made with April Rhodes' Arizona Tomahawk Stripe
DIY Camera Strap Cover made using Cluck Cluck Sew's Tutorial

The cover was a relatively quick sew. I followed Cluck Cluck Sew's camera strap cover tutorial, and just adjusted the measurements a bit so that the strap was a better fit. I used April Rhodes' Arizona fabric in Tomahawk Stripe from Art Gallery Fabrics. I just noticed that both of the tutorials I used are totally old school - apparently sewing camera straps and camera strap covers is so two thousand and late (2009, actually). Oh, well - good ideas never go out of style, right?


  1. Ummm...I sure hope you make more of these someday. It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Lindsay! I thought of you while making these. :) I LOVE the look and feel of leather, I just need to practice a lot more with it!


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